As a dedicated dental team, we are concerned about protecting our patients from infectious diseases. Each time a patient visits our office; a very special trust is placed in our hands. We do not take this trust lightly. That is why we are committed to providing maximum protection to you, our patient, against any harmful or infectious diseases.

Many hours have gone into the design of our infection-control system. We are constantly evaluating and updating our procedures.

Basic Safety Measures
All doctors wear gloves, masks and glasses when treating patients. After contact with each patient, the gloves are removed and discarded and are never reused for another patient. Gloves are removed or "overgloved" if the treatment of a patient is temporarily interrupted.

We wash our hands and then put on a new pair of gloves before treating another patient. Wherever disposable (single use) items can be used, they are. We use as many plastic covers as possible. All suction tips, saliva ejectors, water glasses, headrest covers and light handle covers are disposed of and replaced between patients.


Cleaning and Disinfecting the Examining Room
Between each patient, the treatment rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. First, all debris is wiped off of all countertops and any surface that may have been contaminated. Then, a disinfectant is sprayed on all surfaces.


Sterilization of Dental Instruments
All the instruments are cleaned and soaked in a sterilizing liquid and put through a system of ultrasonic scrubbing. Then, they are dried and packaged and heat sterilized in a large, pressurized oven. This insures the instruments are not contaminated before they are actually set-up in the treatment room. We test our sterilization units frequently to make sure they are working properly.

Every patient receives a new compliment of sterilized instruments and disposables for each procedure. All needles and cartridges used for local anesthesia are never reused and are discarded in special containers.

To reduce the risk of contamination, all cotton rolls, cotter pellets and gauze used in our operatories are sterilized and stored in quantities convenient for use.


Clean Water
All dental procedures are carried out using bottled water instead of water from the tap. Our water system is designed with special filters and certain disposable parts to ensure that the water supply for each patient is free from disease causing agents.


Special Cleaning of Dental Handpieces
After each use, we follow special procedures for cleaning our hand pieces (the dental drills). The handpiece is flushed with water and scrubbed with detergent and hot water. A cleaner/lubricant is sprayed into the handpiece. The handpiece is then sterilized using special piece of equipment called an autoclave.

By making you more aware of the measures being taken by us for your protection, we hope that your trust and confidence in our team will make your visits a bit more comfortable.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions concerning our sterilization methods.


What makes us special?
We invest plenty of time with each patient explaining the health of your mouth, going over treatment options and discussing payment methods.

In good dentistry, teeth, gums and the underlying bone are important but so are the people who own them. Our greatest strength lies in our team where each one of us practices only specialty dentistry.

We concentrate heavily on patient education and oral hygiene maintenance and instruction.

We usually start seeing children at almost three years of age. This gives children a good start on a healthy mouth into their teen years and adult life. For those with special needs, such as medical problems or physical handicaps we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that they receive the very finest care.

As your family's needs grow and change, we will be there to provide or recommend the best care available.

Our commitment to continuing education has included a broad spectrum of courses through the years.

We are updated on the latest and most effective techniques and materials offered in dentistry so that we can continuously offer the best possible care.

We have state of the art x-ray equipment for both intra oral x-rays as well as full mouth x-rays (OPG).

We take the utmost precaution to protect you and follow very stringent sterilization procedures.

We want you to be free of disease because prevention is easier, more pleasant and less expensive than treatment.


Our goal is to work for the best dental health of each person who comes to us. If you are pleased with the care you receive in our clinic, tell your friends and family about us. The nicest compliment we can receive is the referral of your friends and loved ones.